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  • Scrapping a CRT TV - LG - CT-29Q24PT

    Had a couple massive tv's dropped off at my place the other day, I guess it's good that I didn't have to pick 'em up, but I still gotta deal with 'em.
    Whenever I get these big one's it motivates me to do some smaller crt's and take a load away, last thing I want is these big things taking up space.

    Haven't done this model before, the other big one I've already done that model so just scrapped it and put it in the van.
    This one's an LG CT-29Q24PT..

    Buying eWaste link here

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    Well it looks interesting anyway, the degaussing cable is only mid sized in thickness, it's long, just would of been nice if it was thicker.
    I'll just leave them speaker boxes in, the're mostly plastic....

    The ring of degaussing around the tube is thicker, if all of it was that thick it be great..

    Buying eWaste link here


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      These don't look the prettiest copper yokes but they are my favourite, I like how they smash up..

      The boards are pretty full on, the one on the right has some good things to pull..

      The tv weighed a lot before and after scrapping, aswell as it's size it had some affect on the value..

      Scrap value: 4/10
      Buying eWaste link here