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  • Copper prices are out of this world

    Milberry Copper $10.80 kg
    Candy Copper $10.50 kg
    Insulated wire no plugs $3.85 kg
    Brass $6 kg
    Extruded Aluminium $2.10 kg

    These prices are the highest i've seen ever!
    Buying eWaste link here

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    Not wrong Ben. Unfortunately for me, our yards are way behind. Only $10 for Milberry & $9.20 for Candy. My Brass is only $5.10. Maybe we will catch up next week.


    • WEEE Ben
      WEEE Ben commented
      Editing a comment
      Sure, anytime.
      My yard is just around the corner and if you want to sell boards and things to me we can do that.
      I get guys coming from all over the place to kill two birds and the extra scrap prices make it worth the trip.
      I even have two regulars from Adelaide come here as well as a guy from Tasmania that drives off the boat straight to my place and back again.

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    I went to Sims Metal last Friday. Managed to avoid the manager who has turned into a bit of a dick.

    Milberry Copper $10.85 kg
    Insulated wire no plugs $3.60 kg
    Brass $6.10 kg
    fridge compressors $0.65 kg

    Oddly my heavy melt steel and clean light iron was re-graded to shred which is down to $50 tonne instead of the usual $80-$100. I only had 60kg so no big deal.


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      Buying eWaste link here


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        Awesome prices at the moment for sure! Hope it holds..
        Congrats on your 100k Ben!! 👍😁😁