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  • Heating element metal

    What metal classification are heating elements for sandwich presses, jaffle makers, ovens? Are they dirty stainless or irony copper or what. I'd rather not just throw them in my shred

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    I think most are just a steel casing Brad - filled with an insulating powder and a heating wire. I usually lever them out of the cast ally hotplates and throw them in shred. Here's two I just found, the first is magnetic and has started to rust.. whereas the second is actually aluminium (so could go in irony ally). Neither heating wires are copper.


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      The yard I use classes them as irony stainless but the price is not much more than shred steel.


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        OK. Thx.

        There's so many sandwich presses and similar chucked out where I live.

        I'm about 500m from University of Sydney & 2km from UTS and the area is full of students and workers on short term contracts. They buy the cheapest appliances from K-mart or bring them from home and when they move out they just dump them on the kerb. Lots of good Cast Ally, LG wire & brass terminals.