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  • Grading wire

    Hi guys, I've never really been a wire guy but have started putting aside bits and pieces over the last few months and have ended up with a fair stash.. While I know appliance cables etc go as mid grade wire, i'm not to sure how to sort other wire. Are there any general rules of thumb as to what various wires are graded as?


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    Cable is always worth saving. So little work and fair returns.

    From what I understand there are 3-4 different grades. Low grade is the stuff in laptops or lower than 240v carrying cable. It is barely copper and is silver in colour. Next is the general 240v carrying domestic stuff. After that there are higher grades for stuff like switch gear which is around 6mm copper and up. I had some heavy duty three phase and switch gear cable and got around $3.50 p/kg for it.


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      It is really something that you need to ask your local yard about. There are very different grading standards in different states are at different scrap yards. My local yard makes it very simple, low grade PVC and PVC. Low grade is coaxial antenna cable, Christmas lights, steel core drop cable and car looms with heavy plug attachments. Everything else with or without plugs regardless if it is extension chords, thick three phase or SATA and IDE cables it all goes for one price. The only exception is thick aluminium power line cables which also have a separate class.


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        The general rule of thumb is low grade up to 18% copper, mid grade up to 36% copper, high grade 54% copper
        high grade should always be stripped in my opinion as it can get much higher % of copper, depends on the pvc, some is very light weight plastic like degaussing cable which is like 85%

        So basically most wire we get from household electronics is mid grade aside from those things Nick mentions which are low grade everywhere.
        My yard will downgrade any cords with plugs to low grade but they have different low grades, data cable is considered low $1kg but say a tv cord with plug is $1.50kg
        Whilst mid grade or cords with plugs removed is $2.10 kg, so yeah, your best to get clarification from your yard, everyone is different, no point cutting off plug ends if your yard accepts them as mid grade and you lose out if you don't cut plugs off and your yard calls it low grade.
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          Thanks gents.

          I dropped in and saw the boys at the yard over the weekend. Now to start the sorting!