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  • nice little bonus

    I had a wee little pickup on wed, a new contact (a school) well sort of, i know a cook at a local school who asked me if i was interested in buying some old laptops, obv i said yes lol.
    The deal in the uk is any Gov run organisation needs all sorts of waste transfer documentation and liecences to get rid of sensitive or dangerous items, like electronics however if they sell them there is nothing more than a recipt needed ah the great british red tape !!
    so i paid £3 for 5 laptops and when i was there the caretaker asked if i took wires as well obv i said yes lol, it's in the garage he says, help yourself

    needless to say i took the lot!
    already started to grade it,
    20Kgs of No1 copper,
    12 Kgs of No2
    and 15Kgs of brass, not even looked at the cable yet or the water heater

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    Sounds like you did well mate, always good to get straight out copper, keep it up.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Good stuff