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  • Scrapping burnt out cars for copper

    hi guys.

    first off what a great wealth of information here.

    Ben i have watched heaps of your vids..... you are the man and thank you for being a great content creator.

    my question today is about burnt out cars. i have acess to a rather large number of burnt out vehicles, the main question is all the copper wires throughout that are burnt will the scrap yard buy it?

    also iv been pulling out alternators, windscreen wiper motors, a couple have had copper/ aluminium radiators, is there anything else copper related im missing?

    thanks in advance blokes...... and ladies?

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    Hi, I think most yards would take it but you'd want to take in a sample first to make sure, copper is copper so no reason why they wouldn't, it probably won't be graded as car looms, should go as mid grade but it wouldn't surprise me if they tried to buy it as low grade, just shop around.

    Can't think of any other copper but maybe cut the catalytic converters out, they go for good money
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      cheffrey, welcome. Mate I do a lot of cars and have done a view burnt out ones. What I found was the insulation was all burned off so just had the burned wire left. I sold this as , what we call locally here in Qld, Burnt Copper. So they took it as second grade copper wire. Still worth a lot more than insulated looms. It is quite brittle in this state, so needs to be handled carefully so it doesn't just break up into copper dust.

      Alternators, starter motors, wiper motors, all good. Don't for get the condensers if they have air con, and the heating/ air con units under the dash. The condensers are probably all ally but under dash you often get copper brass units, just might have to take any steel components off them. The looms are the big thing. Also any in car computers. You will often find some gold in these. Don't miss any wiper motors and the rear tailgates of wagons. Also cars with electric windows often have electric motors in the doors.

      Have fun.


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        thanks to both of you blokes for the advice thus far. i will imdeed be calling the scrap yard (closest one is 4hrs away) to see about price b4 i get into it and pull out all the burnt wiring.


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          also will the Cats be in salable condition of thebcar is burnt out?


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            Just off the top of my head you get good cash for ally mag rims (if they weren’t melted by the fire) and the little lead weights on the rims for balancing are scrap lead. Depends on how far you want to go and what was taken off the car before it was burnt out. Good ally on some engine blocks and diff housings (if you can’t take the whole thing as one unit)


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              thanks for the info on the ally etc. at present im focusing on the copper element once i have stripped them all for the copper ( will take a while) i may look at the other metals.

              cheers mate i do appreciate it


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                rang the yard today informed me as long as its not all gone powdery it will go as burnt copper. so happy day now to strat stripping 50 odd cars


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                  Good one cheffery, go for it mate.
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