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  • Brass, aluminium or pot metal

    Hi guys, just need some help identifying some fancy handles i picked up. They are non-magnetic so they are not steel. Took a file to them and they are bright silver underneath. Seem to be to heavy for aluminium. I assume either white brass or pot metal? Any help would be appreciated. Do yards pay for pot metal?

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    They would be a pot metal (aluminium zinc alloy of some sort). Most places will just buy it as cast aluminium. The yards near me used to separate the die cast zinc from the regular cast aluminium, but they don't bother any more it is too difficult and time consuming to do so. Regardless of if it is a clean cast engine block, die cast zinc parts or some sort of mix, as long as it is cast and white/grey it will be cast aluminium. Of cause it is best to check with your yard to be sure. I would think that 'white brass' would only be used on old cutlery and similar kitchen items like servers and plates that are usually marked with either EPNS, EPBM or similar combinations for electroplated nickel silver or base metal.


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      Thank you nick. That is what i was thinking. I will double check with the yard. It feels cheaply made so was doubting it was brass.


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        Most scrappers would just assume it's brass so just do what everyone else would do, throw it in the brass bucket and if they pick it out as not brass,
        you just say, oh really, sorry mate I thought it was brass.

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