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    Mostly because it's pressing steel which if we think about things that go in pressing steel, fridges are a good example, they don't have a lot of steel compared to weight.
    especially if you remove the compressor etc, the door & walls are filled with insulation of some kind and plastic inside.

    a car is another one, seats, the dash, tyres, the carpet and windows are not steel but it all gets crushed into a little block.
    so pressing steel isn't really clean steel and they pay accordingly, you can actually get a better then pressing price if you have clean pressing steel.
    even a pc tower has a decent piece of plastic on the front.

    so as silly as it seems, the majority of weight in a photocopier is steel and pressing steel isn't all steel.

    another one that baffles me are lcd tv's, very heavy glass on front yet they go no worries, I just hate when I throw one out and the glass goes everywhere so I load them last so I can throw everything else on top.
    but there are limits to how much rubbish can be, never seen it but when the yard guy signs your ticket he'll put 100% for pressing, too much rubbish and it might be 80% but they would tell you that so you could always take back something to keep the rest 100%.

    taking two photocopiers in without scrapping, just removing the main board was liberating, would of had 2 cubic metres of plastic hang around.
    printers though are different, way too much plastic/steel ratio.
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      Ok thanks. That clears up my confusion. Cheers