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  • Scrap Prices & Yards

    G'day Y'all

    Just back from Western Queensland where mate and I are cleaning up cattle properties and Opal Mine sites. First trip home since the New Year.

    Tried a new yard this time and got a very pleasant surprise. I rang this yard from out west and he gave ne prices that blew my mind. He came in at 16.5% better for the load than my old yard. Add to this I saved 200 km of diesel fuel and $25 road toll, and clearly I was in heaven.

    Got even better. At the yard when unloading and weighing, and they liked that you watched them weigh and tare off your bins, my bin of Burnt Copper caused interest. Copper tubing and discoloured wire were deemed as about Candy. They upended my bin and sorted out what was burnt and what was not. And this was the boss organizing that. The price I got for this Candy copper was nearly 6% better than what my old yard pays for Milberry, No.1 Bright & Shiny.

    Why am I telling you this? Well no matter where you are, it pays to shop around. Like in my case, I got a better price, saved hundreds of kilometers and saved road tolls. Now this bloke is outside of Brisbane and onsells to major yards in Brisbane, yet can still pay me 16.5% better than the same major yard was paying me. This is an ole family business that's been in business since you got paid one shilling for a dozen beer bottles, and now the two boys run it. As they told me, they like to be fair and look after people. And looking at the trade they're doing, it would seem it pays off.

    Anyway hope this helps. Home for a week then off back West again.


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    Well I'm answering my own post. That sort of tells me that this forum is stuffed. That post was over a month ago and apart from Dan there has been nothing on this site. I really don't know why I still bother to check in. And where is Ben? Haven't heard from him in a long time. I hope he is well. But really, if you post and don't get a response within a month, then something is seriously wrong. Perhaps I should forget about the forum and just concentrate on my business. Dunno, sad but true.


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      Hey Bill,
      Yeah, I check in occasionally just to see if anything has happened - but it's pretty much dead as a dodo! There's not much incentive to post anything if no-one ever replies
      Ben is still posting YT videos but he doesn't seem interested in this forum. Is he the only admin? Did he actually start the forum? I don't know..
      It is a bit of a shame as it has the potential to be a great scrapping community here for Aussie scrappers..


      • eTRON
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        Chris, I'm new to scrapping and think this forum if worth keeping. I've been trying to my admin access done for 5 months and now finally I can post. The issue with this forum is admin. I would be happy to help in this space and even pay to keep the forum going.

      • Chris
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        Hi eTRON,
        Admin put a post up recently to see if anyone would be interested in running the show here! I'm involved in too many forums and facebook groups to take it on, but would certainly support anyone who did! 😊

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      Hey Chris,,

      I always thought Ben was the man on this site, like the boss and admin. Maybe not. But it would be nice if admin could post some info about where the forum is going. Yeah, it has great potential and was a great site when I joined 7 years ago. I could upload a lot of things that scrappers might find useful or interesting, but it takes time and if nobody's interested then why waste my time. I'm in the game as a serious business so my time is valuable. I don't mind but if I'm just talking to myself, well forget it.

      Come admin, or Ben, tell us what is happening.


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        Yep, why put in the effort to share information and help out fellow scrappers when the room is empty!
        Perhaps admin could relinquish control (or at least share it a bit) to someone who's prepared to hang out here more often and maybe even promote the forum to new scrappers and try and increase the membership/activity??


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          Originally posted by Okeden View Post
          Come admin, or Ben, tell us what is happening.
          last time ben was here was July 30, 2021

          I can get his email, phone and address if someone wants. I have it put away somewhere. Maybe contact him directly.

          Most of the time I am scrapper Dan but at yardsales I am dollar Dan


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            Hello Bill, I live in the Brisbane area so would love to know the name of this yard and the best yards in Brisbane. PM me if you don't want to publish the names in an open forum. Thanks Neil.


            • Okeden
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              eTron, I stopped using Brisbane yards January this year. Now using Busby's Scrap Metal in Toowoomba. Saves me 200km for the round trip, so with the price of diesel that saves me $80/$100 in fuel. The Toowoomba prices are 16-20% better than Brisbane so I'm better off both ways. Also, I'm doing a lot of work out in Western Qld, so Toowoomba a big advantage. I can drive in from say Quilpie, unload, and be back out there the next day.

              But being in Brisbane, Toowoomba might not suit you. I was using Raw Metal Corp at Wacol and found they generally fair compared to others. Hope this helps.

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            Is anyone in western australia doing this?


            • Chris
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              I think we had a few WA members, but they may have drifted off with in inactivity of this forum!

            • Torx
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              yeah it would be pretty cool if someone in WA posted up scrap yard prices. ATM its all hush hush and people don't want to advertise their prices even though they quote that they have the best prices going!

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            So there's collins which I was hoping for today but aren't open until the 9th now. I haven't been before but prices seem inline.
            I have another bloke on holidays his mobo is $6kg but all other types of medium grade he only buys as low.

            My dilemma is I have 600kg of low to high grade Telecom boards on my truck and looking for a buyer in Perth.

            -Would also be good to share amounts of what we can come up with if we wanted to fill a container etc
            -if there's any backyard refiner who can produce results
            -buyers in general
            -creating co-ops
            -teaching refinery (I have 60l of unpercipated AR)
            I just saw total green posted like 200,000kg of ewaste in a year which was probably all donated or even paid to them take and destroy data.

            Collins etc is probably pulling 28k from 1 tonne of mobo. Take toll fee, shipping, and purchase. His gotta be left with 13k at least.

            My email is
            I'm based in maddington.