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    G'day Scrappies. Coming to you from Quilpie Dump once again, Thought you might like an update on how we are doing. Been here 6 weeks and finally we have almost finished. My mountain of white goods is now finished and ol'e mate is just cleaning up. A couple of pics to show the difference, Pic one is the end product of the white goods, which I found out today hasn't been cleared for about ten years, so that ground you see hasn't seen the light of day for ten years. We've tried to work it out but reckon there would have been about 400 units. That's one hell of a lot. Second pic is the remains of mates pile of steel. He's already taken two loads to Brisbane. Now off to Eromanga in a couple of days to do it agai6n. Only half as much we believe, Anyway, we have to be home by Christmas or we will be divorced. Cheers all.
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      Thanks for the update Bill, hoping you've knocked the job over already and are heading back to air conditioned civilization! I just checked the forecast for the area and it's a week of over 40 degrees ahead! 45 & windy tomorrow (Tuesday)! Take care mate and as my mum would say - drink lots of water!


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        Thanks Chris. No not finished yet. Probably another two weeks to go. Have to go west another 100 k yet. As for temperatures, have a look at the attached picture. Yes that says 51 C or 122 F. And that's in our donga. And believe it or not, yes I am drinking more water than beer. Never thought I would ever say that. Okay, I've tried to load the pic but it's not having any of it. Says it's too big. Cheers
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