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    You know, this is a great forum. There are so many topics it is almost information overload. If you have a query you can guarantee someone will give you an answer.

    Having sung all the praises I must ask why it has been over a month since the last post on the forum. As I write this, there are 55 viewers. Guess I'm the only member online at the moment. Yep I know I haven't posted for some time but apart from being in bloody hospital again, I am trying to run a business as against a hobby. I know that I've made many promises to make videos showing different aspects of scrapping, and I will do that. But I've already offered my reasons.

    I'm heading back out west Queensland come Saturday, and will have my computer equipment so that I can post pics etc as I go along. I left certain essential bits of equipment home last time.

    So has anyone out there in cyber land have any suggestions as to how we can re-energise this forum. Wee Ben, have you any input to this problem?

    Well you will hear from me once I get out west and hopefully my posts will generate a bit of interest. Cheers Bill

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    Hey Bill,
    I check in just about everyday to see if anything has moved!
    I did try and kick things off awhile back but things died again pretty quickly.. 🙄
    I rarely have time to contribute much here as I'm really dedicated to keeping my youtube channel actively ticking over as well as running a shop, playing the table tennis tournament circuit and teaching rock'n'roll dancing. I also run about six different facebook groups, one of which has over 30k members.
    So - lots to do... but I'll always try and answer a comment on here if I can. It would be a shame to lose this place, even if there are a few spider webs! 🕷🕸
    Sorry to hear you've had hospital visits! Hope all is well now. I had to go in myself recently for a colonoscopy! Not what I had planned for this year but the bowel screen test that the government sends out showed positive.. so ya gotta do what you have to do! Results back now and all is good 😁
    As for suggestions - hmmm, not sure. Perhaps the forum can be "advertised" a bit through facebook or maybe on youtube (I'll try and mention it in my next scrapping video). Ben - worth giving it a plug on your busy channel?? Perhaps the few of us who are on here should make an effort to reply to every comment - even if it's just a "yep, I agree" post. At least we'll have a conversation with each other for awhile!
    Looking forward to your outback reports mate 👍👍


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      Agree, it is sad that this forum does not get much activity. I do not have much to contribute, but do love reading it.


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        It's a real problem cat. My post, above, was on 16th March, the previous forum post was about 10th Feb. I'm also a member of a Prospecting forum and they have posts everyday. This forum seems to have plenty of "lookers" but few if any members online.

        I would love to contribute more than I do, but I run a scrap business which takes me away quite a bit, so I'm limited with my input. I know I promised a video of my operations out west before christmas last year but the gremlins got into the Gopro. Heading west again at the end of the month so will try again..

        But if any newbies or hobbyists out there have a question, just ask. You will get good answers that will help you. Don't be put off by a few of us professional blokes, in fact, we are only too happy to help out. And at the moment, the scrap market is on the boil. Cheers
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          Just checked the stats. Currently 60 users online. 2 members, me and Chris, and 58 visitors. Be nice if those visitors would join up.
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            And just by the way, the Prospecting Forum I mentioned has had 21 posts so far today.
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              This is a great informative forum, no doubt about it. I found it via a long term scrapper and spent months reading old posts, researching and learning the "trade".

              I think one of the key differences to other forums is that scrapping is scrapping - prices change but the metals don't. Once you learn the basics, know the differences in metals, where to source them and develop what works best for you there is not a lot to talk about. We generally keep our best sources of scrap to ourselves as once it is posted then it's a free for all.

              I love seeing other scrappers post there scrapping methods, kerb collections treasures, skip hauls, visits to scrap yards and opinions on what works best for them - please keep this coming.

              In particular, Chris, Bill, Wee Ben - fantastic videos - love your passion and knowledge - keep doing what you do.

              Prices are fantastic at the moment = perhaps we are all too busy scrapping!

              The deletion of posts/videos by "admin" not so long ago did seem to pull the hand brake on a bit - was a shame as it was at that this time that things were pretty active on the forum.


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                Great post LoveaGoodScrap, keep it up mate. We have gotta get this forum firing again.
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                • cat
                  cat commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Good points LoveaGoodScrap. I don't do a lot of scrapping, just bits and pieces picked up from kerb collection. mostly e-waste. I mainly look for re-sale items, but grab some scrap as well to make it more worthwhile. Still loving reading about and seeing videos of the scrapping that I would probably never do myself.

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                Nice posts guys!
                I agree that the "Admin" post awhile back did seem to put a damper on things! Surely any conversation among like minded folk is good conversation - and sharing relevant videos should be encouraged.
                Anyways, onward & upward..

                Perhaps each post should end with a question - that may encourage continued engagement!!

                My question - Do scrap yards accept the heating plates of kitchen appliances (such as George Foreman grills, toasty makers, etc) as clean cast aluminium if you pry off the elements and of course remove all the other fittings, or do they still class it as dirty ally due to teflon coatings??
                If it is still "dirty" then I may as well leave all the fittings/elements for extra weight!


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                  Yeah Chris, my yard accepts them as clean cast if they're stripped down like you say. Haven't heard any problems about the Teflon coating. I guess there are many items we all come across and wonder what to do with them. One of mine is the heating elements you find in washing machines and many various white goods. Some are magnetic but some are not. They all seem to have an inner core but I don't know what it is made of. I have a huge collection of them. Anyone know whether they are worth anything more that dirty light gauge>
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                    My yard accepts all grills etc as clean cast ally - unquestioned for years.

                    The elements all go in light gauge.


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                      Thanks guys. I took a load to the scrap yard in Melbourne yesterday and asked there... no problems with grills as long as the elements etc are removed 😊👍
                      I've been throwing elements in light gauge as well - even though some are not magnetic. I don't know what the metal is on the non-magnetic ones - but it's quite "dirty" anyway with the insulation material inside!

                      My next question - does your yard accept flyback transformers from CRT TV boards as copper bearing transformers?
                      I've been told yes - but checked yesterday and my yard said no..