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  • Good places to look for circuit boards?

    Hi all, very new here and to the world of scrapping. Ive read topics off the forums here and done various web searchs of scrapping in general Id like to get my hands in the muck too.

    So my question is where is a good place or places to look obtain circuit boards? And what items to look for specifically in terms of value and worth the time collecting?

    Thank you for any help and advice and if you any good beginner pointers for me then that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you again in advance.

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    Hi Samex, Welcome!

    I guess you could start looking in your street, the nearby blocks and even your whole town.
    Everyone uses electronics and that's where you'll find circuit boards, there's no single good place, anywhere that is throwing out stuff is good.

    What to look for specifically? computers is the main item you want but most e-waste scrappers take anything electrical as there's wire, motors, transformers we can get value from too,
    for most it's a balance between cash flow metals like copper/aluminium/steel and saving up circuit boards and precious metal recovery items.
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      Thankyou Weee Ben id thought that be the expected response as to where to look, best time to go out searching would be verge clean ups would it not? Where would I be able to go to find out when the clean ups happen? And i hate to be a pain but is there a site with a average nation wide price for e-waste/scrap? Or would I have to call a yard that accepts e-waste to find out what their buying it for?

      Ive got many questions about getting started but im sure if I dig around here ill find some answers. Also I saw your video selling all those boards and my god, just over 2 grand was it? How long did it take you to amass all those boards?

      Thankyou again. Hugely appreciated.


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        most scrap yards don't buy e-waste, you need to find a buyer if your selling circuit boards.
        but for now maybe focus on where to get scrap as it will be quite a while before you have volumes of boards to sell.

        Yeah a lot of boards there, that might of come from 8 tonne of computers whole, which would of come from 40 tonne of e-waste in general.
        so what i'm saying is, you may see the cream and think it's all dandy, but to get it there was 40 tonne of back breaking work, so scrapping for volume is hard work and it mostly involves low value, time consuming stuff, but as a hobby picking stuff up whenever you find it and scrapping out is fun so money isn't always the reward.
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          Hahahahaha well I better get collecting then. Suppose putting an ad on gumtree asking for old, broken or unused electronics wouldnt be a bad idea or start.

          Anyways thankyou Weee Ben youve been a great help.


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            if your in Australia then you've got hard rubbish season now, some councils still let residents leave the stuff out on the nature strip.
            here in west/nth melb it started a couple weeks ago.
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              Ah well Im in Perth so I should take a look when its happening. Haven't seen much yet maybe just need to drive out more.


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                all you need to do is look up all your surrounding council websites and go to their hard rubbish collection page, that will tell you when and how they do it.
                I think someone said once WA is late in the year but not sure.
                streets where there's lots of blocks of flats is a good one, people always moving out or swapping tv's, good to look where they bin bay is, it's usually hidden from street view.
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                  I am not sure about the other states, but in South Australia at least nearly every council has switched from a yearly collection to a call and pick up service. It is more expensive for the council but they have done so because people complained that they didn't like the mess in the streets or they didn't like the savaging. It has meant that there are more random piles outside houses that sit for weeks or months until someone is sent to collect it. So enjoy it while you still can because they may stop your yearly collection one day.


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                    Hey Samex, I'm not sure what part of perth you are in but if you do some google searching for kerbside collection 2017 you will get some hits. The next one I know of is Rockingham council area from the end of July through to early September.



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                      Thank you all for your help its hugely appreciated. If I cant get some decent boards then ill atleast be able to collect some small scrap metal from it. Thank you once again.


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                        Originally posted by Nick View Post
                        yearly collection to a call and pick up service.
                        I am in a state quite far from you, California. Not only do we not have a yearly curbside collection the trash company that picks up weekly makes us call for anything big. We are only allowed TWO items per year.

                        I have resorted to go to yardsales and offering to buy all old computers ($1.00) and cell phones (50¢) never higher. While talking to the seller i inform them I scrap out TVs and anything electronic/electric. I do OK. Last weekend I filled my Chevy SUV twice about half way up to the roof. I have about 60 cubic feet storage area. I also have one thrift store for computers.

                        Most of the time I am scrapper Dan but at yardsales I am dollar Dan