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  • WEEE Ben
    I have a few marathon video's up, Most people don't sit through a whole video, they come back to it over a few day's and it starts where there they left off.
    Some however use my video's as background sound whilst the're scrapping themselves.

    Not sure what you mean about not seeing eye to eye, that's in your head, not mine.
    Thanks for watching, keep scrapping!

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  • Okeden
    started a topic E-Waste Videos

    E-Waste Videos

    Hey Ben,

    I know we haven't seen eye to eye over the years, but been looking through your videos and I'm generally impressed by your presentation. But I just came across one you made about a month ago, titled Scrap Marathon - Switches, Servers & More.

    Mate, it runs for over 4 hours and tells me it has over 20K views. I'm amazed actually that people would watch a video of that length. Obviously I'm very interested in the scrapping industry, but I don't think I could sit through a video of that length. I understand the You Tube system and how you can make money from it, but just got to wonder the value of a presentation of that length.

    Anyway Ben, just a thought. Keep up the good work, your videos are quite good, and very Australian. Cheers.