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  • Forum update

    Hi guys.
    I know I haven't been around here for a while, mostly because of being flat out in the biz and youtube etc.

    I'm happy to hand this forum over to someone that wants to take control of it if anyone wants it.

    currently it's hosted by a US company and it costs a lot but the forum doesn't need as high a service, it could easily be hosted for under $100 a year and that's what i'll probably do.

    anyways, iaf someone wants to move on with this forum your welcome to it. all I want is to keep my board buying thread up to update as prices change.

    Buying eWaste link here

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    Right now there are 93 watchers and I am the only member. That is close to the normal ratio. I wouldn't mind taking over but I am in Northern California and I don't think too many would want a yank running an Aussie forum. Besides I have a lot on my plate too. I work at a local elementary school, 3rd grade. (and yes I have scrapped about a dozen computers and the same monitors from my school) I also keep pretty busy scrapping and selling on feeBay.

    You need to make it so that all these watchers need to join and contribute.
    Most of the time I am scrapper Dan but at yardsales I am dollar Dan