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  • Coaxial Cable

    I got pulled up a by my yard a month or so back, for having coaxial cable in my PVC insulate(electrical wire). Truth is I didn't even know it was in there, I'd grabbed a heap of electrical wire out of a construction bin and it was mixed up in there. It wasn't a big deal, I just took it out and wouldn't have weighed 2kgs.

    However, now I'm a bit more wary of rolls of wire and have actually been finding large rolls of coaxial in my latest Kerbside. On closer inspection, coaxial still contains a copper core, but has as steel or aluminium shielding. I was thinking of stripping it for the core, but how to get through the shielding. I don't really collect steel, so it's not worth picking up if I'm simply going to throw it in with a pile pile of light gauge.

    Any suggestions, what does everyone else do with coaxial?

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    Find another yard...Mine takes it as low grade PVC. However on occasion I get around 200-300 kg from a cable supplier, usually once a year just before Christmas, and only one yard will take it as its double copper braid, not steel.


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      I doubt I'll find a yard that pays better than what I'm currently getting. I wouldn't get more than 5-8kg of coaxial anyway, so hardly worth travelling around for $5.

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    I put coax in with low grade insulated aswell, certainly not worth stripping and $1 kg is good enough
    Buying eWaste link here


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      I stripped a little of it back and the central wire looks very much like single strand copper. However a little scratch and I now believe it is only coated aluminium, definitely not worth stripping now.

      I think I'll just leave coaxial in future. Thanks for the responses.


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        It happened to me too! They rejected my wire because I had coaxial mixed.. so I had to take it back and sorted and home.. I am leaving them too