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    Does anyone know much about lab equipment and where to sell it second hand? I picked up a Solair 3200+ airborne particulate monitor machine from our kerbside collection and it appears to work. It even has a test tag valid until mid 2018.
    Not sure if it is the kind of thing that would sell on eBay.

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    They cost over $10,000 new so it's worth putting up on ebay and see how you go


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      Damn that's crazy, I wonder why they would put it out for collection. I bet there is some juicy pm recovery items inside it.


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        I probably has some kind of fault, who knows.
        Send it to me so I can make a video on it, i'll send you back the parts


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          I have never had much like selling 2nd hand medical and laboratory equipment. One) because most laboratories work on grants, so simply purchase new items with receipts, then just right the item once depreciated. Two) because the market for this type of specialised equipment is absolutely tiny, and usually doesn't go looking for items for sale online. All I can say is good luck, I would personally break it down for scrap(I generally don't collect anything) as items like are generally very well made and haven't skimped on scrap worthy materials.


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