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  • X-Ray Machine

    Stopped at a pile of scrap last week and saw this x-ray machine.
    I was hesitant to take it because of all the radiation warning stickers but I believe they don't omit radiation unless powered on.
    But I did read that there could be some kind of canister which may contain radioactive pellets, and some tube coated in beryllium or something.

    In the end it was too heavy anyway, but I have had many responses to the video saying there's no danger, so I might go back and see if I can scrap it into smaller parts to take it away.
    There has to be a part that contains the circuit boards and I think they will be good to get and there's probably $200 worth of aluminium & lead
    Buying eWaste link here

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    It's always a risk isn't it?

    I was talking to a maintenance guy at college last year and he put me onto a heap of old computers and outdated equipment. He said it was all going in the bin so help myself. It was a scrappers honey hole. One piece of equipment was built out of 6mm aluminium, had three large transformers in it, lengths of copper tubing connected with brass fittings, all controlled by a mass of wires and control boards. After stripping it down to the bone, the tubes led to a small central box. It had massive warnings over it, a radioactive symbol and the code Ni63 (Nickel 63).

    After some searches I found out the equipment was an electron capture device and should never have been just dumped. The Ni63 is fairly radioactive, and for a long time! Apparently the box conceals the Ni63 and unless it is shattered breaking up the Ni63, it is reasonably safe. However the tubes( I cut off) pass through the ECD, so who knows. From all research I've found I should be fine, but the thought will always be there. Beware of anything marked radioactive!