Scrapping an LCD TV - LG 42LC7D

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - LG 42LC7D

    Here's a big LG LCD TV, LG 42lc7d.
    Well, I'm looking for scrap steel to fill the van so this one should give me a big chunk of it when i'm done scrapping it out..

    Layed it down and about to perform scrap surgery. The steel base weighed over 4 kg's alone so good start..

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    There's a good sized power board there and under the shield will be the main board..


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      Main is a high grade with that gold cornered CPU..

      Solid stuff on this power board, the long aluminium heat sinks are good..


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        I'll get the T-Con board under here and the finger strips out and this is scrapped, very quick and easy..

        The carcass is a solid weight in scrap steel..


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          The high grade main board and finger strips were stars of the show, not as much as I expected, like no extra aluminium or anything like that but was still ok..