Scrapping an LCD Monitor - Sun Microsystems GH18PS

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  • Scrapping an LCD Monitor - Sun Microsystems GH18PS

    Here's a chunky 18 inch Sun Microsystems GH18PS LCD Monitor to have a look at..

    It's a heavy bugger and very solid, they must of been good ones in their time..

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    Stand and back off, I'll get that top shield off..

    Main board here and I can see it's a high grade with that gold cornered flat pack IC chip..

    I'll keep that removable e-prom before tossing this board in with motherboards..


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      This LCD is about the simplest i've done, maybe the high grade board made up for anything else but all that's left for me is the finger strip board..

      There it is, has that extra size to it so that's good..


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        Aside from the gold fingers which run across the length of the board, this one has adhesive covering most of the fingers but these finger strip boards have some nice stuff on 'em.
        The boards are very light overall but they don't have much junk on them, so I think for every 1 kg of finger strips would contain quite a high percentage of PM's.

        Forgot to mention the little green power board and the usual button board..