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  • Indium

    Ok guys i am stockpiling my lcd screens as the refining process for extracting Indium from them is becomming more feasible and with an lcd screens lifespan at 2 years ( according to various internet sites ) it will become more economical to recycle than dig for the stuff in the coming years. With that in mind im going to stockpile themnup as when in sheet form do not take up too much room. I have approx 5 acres to pick a spot to start the pile and hopefully i will get a good payout when the circus comes to town.

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    a little research shows there's 0.5 grams of Indium in a 15in Monitor, there's 304.5 grams in 1 pound, so it takes 907 monitors to produce 1 pound Indium, or $332, so that equates to 36c per monitor.
    to get that 36c per monitor would require multi million dollar machinery.

    It may be fesable for a large operation to do it but it would require millions of LCD screens and it certainly wouldn't be happening in Australia in the next 20 years, we don't even have proper e-waste facilities yet which is why it mostly gets shipped overseas.

    It may be worth speculating on since you've got the space and if your only getting 4c kg for pressing steel then even in a couple years your bound to triple your value in scrap steel alone.
    Long term a couple acre mountain of lcd's may be worth a fortune if Indium rises but there's always a risk if the lcd's are not undercover of the epa paying a visit.

    Buying eWaste link here


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      My board buyer ships to japan and thailand and says a plant is up and running in the early stages in South Korea