Scrapping an LCD TV - Teac 1901M & 1950SD

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - Teac 1901M & 1950SD

    Here's a couple Teac LCD TV's, the LCDV 1901M & LCDV 1950SD.
    The're pretty much the same unit, might be slight variations but not much, let's see..

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    So far we got some steel..

    A bit of action under the steel plate, on the left is the dvd drive..

    A couple small boards under the dvd drive..


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      Boards off and here's another steel shield, the finger strip boards is still to come..

      This is all the wires from inside, all this is low grade insulated..


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        Not a bad collection of stuff from this little LCD..

        This is the 1950SD and yeah it's about the same thing so I just scrapped it out..

        Overall there was good value for such a small tv, very little waste.