Scrapping an LCD TV - FXE FXT2002

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - FXE FXT2002

    All's quiet so a good time to add a few more scrap out's and get them off my to do list.
    Here I got a snazzy little FXE FXT2002 LCD TV..

    This should be a quick one, only a small lcd, I don't expect much in it but it all adds up..

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    There's the lcd board..

    And there's the main board..

    Only thing left is the finger strip board..


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      Slightly unusual finger strip board with the square piece there..

      Not much on it aside from some smaller mlcc's but i'll keep the whole board intact until I work out what to do with finger strip boards..

      Underneath is some strips along the sides..

      Not a whole lot but it's mostly about the finger strip and the scrap steel with these smaller lcd's, certainly nothing like a crt tv but this is what we got now..


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        Am i correct in guessing that the finger board has 'gold' and copper contact pads?? (the light and dark patches of yellow and brown).


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          It's more the lighting but yes I suppose you could say that as gold plating is usually gold on copper.