Scrapping an LCD TV - Konka LC47DS30C

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - Konka LC47DS30C

    Here's my first Konka LCD TV scrap, The Konka LC47DS30C..

    The stand was missing..

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    Cheaper brand, cheaper components. There's no high grade main board for a start so maybe we won't get a lot out of this one..

    Although I like these kind of transformers on the power board, thick soft copper wire, quick and easy to get..


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      Shields and wire off, this is mostly it aside from the strip boards under the top..

      And as quick as you like, I got off all the boards off in no time, front plastic surround off and this part is steel..


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        The boards are all lower grade..

        The best boards are these finger strips, they have a lot of gold detail on 'em..