Scrapping an LCD TV - GVA GVA32FHDC

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - GVA GVA32FHDC

    Here's an LCD with a brand name I haven't heard of, GVA model GVA32FHDC.
    Today I've been filling the van with scrap steel for a run to the scrap yard on Monday, Thought i'd do a few LCD's that were lying around for a while..

    Rained all night so was good to have a chance to get a lot done in the cooler dry weather today.
    This LCD was the smallest I had to get me started..

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    Cover off and there's the main board and the power supply board..

    Under the cover is a dvd drive to take out..

    Main board is just a low grade, the power board has some good sized transformers so i'll pick all the good stuff of that..


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      With those two boards off it already looks scrapped, there's a few more bits to go but not a lot..

      The LCD board on the left and the T-Con board top centre..


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        T-Con board here is not a high grade but has many MLCC's to pick if it's only going as low grade anyway, Those two ribbon wires are always good for some fingers..

        Pried out the finger strips, The're good solid and consistent fingers..


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          LCD Panel all scrapped and ready for shred..

          I didn't expect a whole lot from this brand tv but I'm happy with the finger strips alone and the TCon board has good pickings..