Scrapping an LCD TV - Palsonic TFTV525WS

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - Palsonic TFTV525WS

    Here's Palsonic TFTV525WS LCD TV to scrap out, strange thing is there seems to be both a crt & lcd of the same model..

    It's only a smallish tv..

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    Usually need to remove the base to get the back cover off..

    There'll be a decent load of steel from this, only the back cover and front panel is plastic..


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      This board was under the shiny sheet, it's just a low grade..

      Only thing I plucked off was one crystal oscillator for the jar..


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        Two panels there that should have a board under each..

        Left is the lcd panel power board and right is the T-Con logic board which will connect to the finger strip..


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          The finger strip board..

          laden with gold plating, I love finger strips as their light, don't have any junk on 'em but for refining I think they are perfect to stack..


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            Forgot the stand but this is the load of steel which includes the screen, few kilo's here anyway..

            Being a cheaper brand there's no high grade boards here but the finger strip satisfies me..