Scrapping an LCD TV - Hitachi 32PD7800TA

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - Hitachi 32PD7800TA

    Buckle up folks, this one may take a while.

    This LCD TV is a Hitachi 32PD7800TA and it looks like a nice tv.
    It's got some weight to it too so i'm anticipating a good haul of steel at least..

    Well the back panel is steel so already a bit extra which means there's going to be little plastic.
    You can just tell it's a quality tv looking at it from the back, i'll lay it down and make a start..

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    Took off the heavy base, i'll get that cast alloy piece off..

    Nice chunk of solid aluminium..


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      Steel backing taken off revealing quite an intense array of stuff, Will have to do this one in sections starting with that darker area in the middle..

      Cover off, there's a mix of boards there so i'll just take out the whole piece..


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        Looks like some good low grade boards..

        3 boards, that top one has that steel antenna piece which slots in so i'll take that off aswell as the steel shields on the other board so the're clean..

        So we got 4 low grade boards just out of that one box..


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          Back to the tv, I hardly made a dent.
          Removed two long strips of extruded alloy from top and bottom of the tv, one's a thick piece.

          Next section i'll do is the bottom left where that rusty shield is..

          Another one that pulls out easily..

          Nice mix here, a low grade, a high grade and a button board..

          This is the high grade, it's not very heavy but it is what it is

          The back has some god population too..


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            Really? is that all i've done?

            Under that empty steel plate was this board, It's a low grade but had that plug with pins, i broke off some plastic away to see..

            Because it's just a low grade board, may aswell take the pins so just break away the plastic..

            and snip off the plated part, usually they are only plated half way up the pins in these kind of plugs..


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              Removed the tv from the front panel, this is the first piece, tempered glass with a tint.
              This one for some reason has copper tape running along the edge..

              ok, now I think we can really get stuck into this and finish it off, by now you may of noticed the metal backing of the tv is all aluminium.
              unfortunately you can't seperate that alloy from the glass it's stuck on, if you did the glass would shatter everywhere, not worth it so shred steel is good enough..

              I'm going to do the left section now..


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                There's one of these lcd power boards on each side, the boards are similar but the connections are different, this is the better side.
                Those brown ribbons have a big connector and..

                Underneath is some sexy gold plating..

                Even sexier with two..


                • DJGrecycling
                  DJGrecycling commented
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                  What would you class those gold strip boards as I pulled an lg down today and had one like that

                • WEEE Ben
                  WEEE Ben commented
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                  I class them as "OMG it''s Gold" so that's where they go, with all the other gold plated bits, pins and plugs for future refining.
                  Not sure what these would technically be classed as, certainly not high grade though.

              • #9
                Just rip 'em off and clean off the brown ribbon wire, that can go into low grade insulated..

                I could look at gold all day, it's pretty..

                And the power board itself, has two rows of pins, I broke off some plastic to see..

                Obviously these board don't go as low grade, as is without the pins it could go as a power board 45c kg ish, or depopulate the whole board removing the alloy heat sinks, copper spools etc and chuck the rest in shred.


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                  Right side power board now, this one should be quick with less bling..

                  The ribbon tape only has a plug on the end to keep, no extra gold plating like the other side..

                  Broke off some of the plastic around the pins, can't see it too well but the plating is heavy..


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                    Removed the power board, very similar to the other side, good pins and lots to remove from the board..

                    If gold pins are your thing then lcd tv's will provide..


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                      Right, finally we're just about done, only a few more boards, that power supply board and the T-Con board under a shield, and also the strip boards.
                      Usually strip boards are underneath and need to pry 'em out..

                      In this case the're pinned down by them nice extruded alloy pieces..

                      Continued next page..