Scrapping an LCD TV - Soniq L32V11C

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  • Scrapping an LCD TV - Soniq L32V11C

    Here's an oddball cheapy LCD TV, a Soniq L32V11C.
    It's easy to recognise a cheap lcd tv, it's the weight of 'em, this one is amazingly light for it's size..

    Took the base off and it's mostly all plastic, it doesn't need a heavy stand this one..

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    Well there ya go, the reason it's so light is there's no steel backing, just a little piece for the boards to mount on..


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      Gosh, what now?

      This tv even has a dvd drive inside the back cover..


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        There's still the finger strip under the top I pry'd away..

        Here's the lot, because the screen was mostly all plastic I put the back cover back on and screwed it together again and it looks like a tv still
        so I'm going to send this one off to the transfer station for further recycling, there's no scrap steel here..