Scrapping an LCD TV - Eurotel 32LE05

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    I've not bothered with the LCD tellies much. Some of the early plasma ones had good ally frames in them though.


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      Seems simple enough, what do you do with the LCD screen itself?


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        Yeah it depends on quality of brand, sony's, philip's etc can have a decent amount of alloy chunks and plates.
        the stands can sometimes be cast alloy and the back can be plastic like this one, or steel or even alloy aswell.
        at the same time, quality lcd's have a much sexier array of gold bits.

        Once the plastic is removed it doesn't look like a tv at all, my yard takes them as pressing steel.

        The last part where I removed the two finger strips was just pryed open and pulled out.
        if you remove the screws on that last part, everything falls appart and you got 2 or 3 plastic screens aswell.
        some screen backings are made of alloy but I leave them as it's not worth having the extra mess, but shred steel is ok,
        they weigh a bit and are flat packs.

        It's kinda good that not many have got into flat screen tv's, with no copper in them, unless your after the boards there not worth picking up to steel scrappers.
        i'm happy with that
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Yeah LCDs are a bit hit and miss, the best bit I find is the cast ally weight they usually have in the stand. I have a stack of the perspex(acrylic) screens that I was going to do something, there usually good piece of thick heavy plastic. The crystal sheets I usually chuck out, though I wonder if they have silver in them? From what I've seen you'd probably need hundreds to justify trying to get the silver out though.