Scrapping a CRT TV - Panasonic TX-68PS20A

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  • Scrapping a CRT TV - Panasonic TX-68PS20A

    Here's a bigger CRT, the Panasonic TX-68PS20A..

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    There's a better sized degaussing cable in this one, looks like a good value scrap here..


    • goatrutar
      goatrutar commented
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      I've got the same Ryobi drill. They're the ducks nuts.

    • WEEE Ben
      WEEE Ben commented
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      Yeah I'm happy with mine too.
      I prefer the smaller battery as opposed to the thicker/heavier battery, there's plenty charge in the small one and much lighter to use.

      The thicker battery might be good for the more powerful tools like chainsaw, blower etc.
      I'm yet to get the extended pruning saw but that's what I want next.

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    Yoke is a very wide mouth type, plenty good copper there..


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      Board isn't that great but has a few aluminium heatsinks worth taking and a couple transformers, for the size of the tv it's still got a good scrap value..

      Scrap value: 5.5/10