Scrapping a CRT - Panasonic TX-86PW100A

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  • Scrapping a CRT - Panasonic TX-86PW100A

    I rescued this big one from the side of the road, it was so big I just had to see what was inside.
    It's been dropped as half the cover is broken but so long as the screen is not broken it's fine..

    Just gonna do this one on the ground, reduce the weight and put it straight in the van to get rid of it in the morning..

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    Wow, the Degaussing cable is vey thick and a few metres long, once stripped there'll be $8 in that copper..

    Lot's happening all over..

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      Good heavy yoke..

      And this is more like when it comes to big tv's, big boards!

      Just so much happening on them boards it's quite amazing.
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        A pair of chunky speakers down the bottom, but how's this degaussing cable system?

        I'm glad I picked this one up, was heavy as anything but was a real fun tv to scrap..

        Scrap Value: 9/10
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          What sort of dollars are the yokes worth? Or do you strip them?


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            Yeah just smash 'em up, crt's don't have much value as it is if you consider their weight and need to deliver them to a recycler afterwards.
            so I maximise the value at least by getting the copper from the yoke and thicker degaussing cables.

            ​Won't be long crt's will vanish and so too will a lot of copper from scrapper's buckets, another reason to get the most out of them whilst you can.
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