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  • Scrapping a CRT Monitor - Samsung Samtron 55E

    Here's a Samsung Samtron 55e to have a look at.
    These crt monitors are starting to become scarce around Melbourne now, I'm actually happy to pick these up anytime I see 'em as they always have more copper then the equivalent size crt tv.

    I was trying to figure out what kinds of e-waste I can still find a good amount of copper since crt's are just about gone, Microwave ovens come to mind if they have copper/copper transformers.
    can't think of anything else though, when people ask otr search where to find copper in e-waste, they'll most likely be told microwave ovens, so if I think microwaves are hot now, just wait for a year or so when everyone's chasing 'em to get some copper.

    Anyways, Let's have a look inside this Samsung..

    Still getting bright and sunny days here in Autumn, it's been good weather for scrapping lately..

    Buying eWaste link here

  • #2
    Looks quite dull this, could almost pass for a very old crt looking inside..

    Pretty yoke this and the degaussing cable wasn't too bad..

    Good solid board here with good pickings and overall weight..

    Scrap value: 5.5/10
    Buying eWaste link here