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  • What you will find in a Phillips Natural 14 colour tv

    Hi all this was a last minute thing I thought of, just dismantled a Phillip Natural 14 tv when I opened it up I thought wow hit the jackpot with this one, till I removed the main board
    and here the main board and all laid out even the degaussing wire disappointed or what
    As you probably can see aluminium degaussing wire and no copper on the main board With all the extra board attached to the main you would think that it would have some copper or something but I managed to find some small bits of brass and aluminium transformers that's it

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    Geez Bren Gun, not much joy there. I must be lucky, never come across an ally degausser yet. I love old CRT TV's. The main place I come across ally wire is in Microwave Transformers. Opened up two of them this arvo and one had a pair of ally windings and the other had copper windings. Still it all adds up.


    • WEEE Ben
      WEEE Ben commented
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      it'll be copper/copper for sure, that's a huge one, might be worth more to someone as is.

    • Bren gun21
      Bren gun21 commented
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      Yeh might put it on ebay thanks

    • Okeden
      Okeden commented
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      7kg transformer is certainly No 1 steel but at that weight and age could well be copper/copper

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    The green slot cards on the board would be sellable as low grade (1.50 kg)
    yeah the aluminium degaussing is disappointing but hey, still $1 kg.
    Buying eWaste link here