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  • Scrapping a crt Akai 68cm CT-T29P32S

    Scrapping a crt Akai 68cm CT-T29P32S
    After the relatively lightweight Cobalt tv i just tore apart this one nearly gave me a hernia, i wasnt ready for the difference in weights between the two of them.

    I knew from the first screw i unscrewed this was leaps ahead in terms of build quality, the casing screws were really substancial. The inside was surprisingly clean and there before me stood high and proud quite a chunky copper yoke and wrapped around its screen was a degaussing cable that was on a par with a Sony tv. One big thick copper band snaking its way around.

    The circuit board was fairly impressive, with a reasonable transformer and a number of those ones on a spool that are easy as to remove the copper from. A few ic's, aluminium heat sinks and crystal oscillators go towards making a fairly good board.

    The insulated wire was avearge on a tv this size and the plug not pictured was added to my pile ready for a session of plug dentistry for the nickel coated brass pins.

    Oh well time to move on to the next victim.

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    Am I seeing things or does that tube & yoke look exactly like the Cobalt's


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      Bugger i think i have linked to the wrong photo, i will sort it out later. Sorry

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    I have removed the yoke and tube photo but cant replace them as they are smashed to bits and in their respective scrap pile, oops


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      lol, your just going to have to go out and find another

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    I have high hopes for this afternoons haul so who knows lol