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  • Scrapping a CRT Cobalt HCB5199

    Scrapping a CRT Cobalt HCB5199, ok seriously i didnt have high hopes for a bumper crop of goodies out of this baby and i wasnt surprised when i opened her up.
    The tv weighed very little and as can be seen from the photos there was very little inside, if fresh air could be scrapped this was worth a fortune lol.

    Pretty much your standard crt set up but on a cheaper scale i'd imagine. The circuit board was small in size with a few aluminium plate heat sinks and an average size transformer combined with a really small one.

    The flyback transformer was pretty average too, one fair sized chip to add to my ever growing pile of around 6 kilos now, soon time to soak them in hydrochloric to remove the pins then off to my buyer.

    Just a couple of crystal oscillators to pop off and i'm dine with the board, i cant hoard these anymore its not worth the effort or return.

    The copper yoke was fairly poor in both amount and quality but then i dont suppose this tv was built for quality. It was caked in that brown hard baked on resin, moving onto the wire, well not a great deal and despite the degaussing cable being less than 5mm in diameter it was copper and not aluminium as i thought it would be given the cheap put together impression this tv set gives.

    So my overall impression of this set ? I wouldn't pass one by if it was offered as every little helps but i certainly wouldn't actively source one out.

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    The patient is opened up ready for its operation.


    • tvhunter
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      I wish they could all be this clean!

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      Circuit board

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        Good one! Looks like you got a pretty decent workshop, and your well organised
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Hey Picker, if you don't mind my asking, who do you have who buys these chips? I've been saving mine (though I don't have much more than a kilo ) but I haven't heard of anyone buying them in Australia.


          • Pommy Picker
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            Hi TV Hunter
            I will have to contact him first as i dont want to put his details up here before asking,