Just scrapped a CRT

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    Ok wow, that's great. Thanks so much. Very helpful.


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      As a new scrapper i have a question. Is Ferrite (iron) that was part of scrapped CRT (along with Copper Yokes) worth any money?


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        G'day WildEu, welcome to the forum.

        Mate, the only thing you can really do with it is toss it in your scrap iron/steel bin. So value equals weight by whatever your scrap yard pays for light weight steel.
        Of course the copper from the yolk is a different matter, but you would already know that. Other than that you will have various insulated copper wires and leads, as well as circuit boards which could give up a little precious metal, that depends of course on the quality of the boards, and various screws etc. The tube itself is not a viable thing to do anything with, in fact they are not the nicest thing to play with if you break them and generally could be considered as a pollutant.

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          yeah if you do a lot of yokes the ferrite adds quite a bit of weight, I sweep up the dust and all and tip it into a scrapped out pc tower or microwave.


          • Okeden
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            Yep, got to agree Ben. You find a lot of ferrite when scrapping electronics, and as you say, it is good dense weight. No point throwing it away.

          • Bohdan
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            I get $0.50/kg just for the yoke :-)

            On the newer sets with so little copper its a great way to get heaps more than pressing price for junk steel without doing any work