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  • Just scrapped a CRT

    ...it was my girlfriends, she picked it up in hard rubbish, hoping to use it. Except we could never get it up the stairs of her place. Even free of electrics it weights the same as a small horse

    No idea what anything is except the copper.

    One lesson learnt, though, buy gloves, got fingers like a pin cushion.

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    Best to scrap on site. Takes just a few minutes with experience and 2 tools.
    Ben has a video on how to do this and the parts identification.
    In the East of Melbourne I'm still doing about 15/week but they wont be around forever.
    To keep the nosey parkers and the council happy, leave no mess or as you found it.


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      Great stuff Scotty, lot's of goodies there, you got copper, Aluminium, a largish transformer, the one with the copper band, take that off before you put the tranny in your bucket.
      the aluminium on the main board there, the one with the fins is classed as extruded, best price, the rest is sheet aluminium, a little lower.

      you got two nice copper spools I see, in the black casing, they unwind easily, strip that thick degaussing cable for some nice copper too.
      speakers aren't much, you could remove a little coil of copper if you wanted but yeah not much in speakers, I usually throw them in with steel.

      unless you can work with the heavy type cheap gloves, anything better rips up quickly, my first pair of gloves were like $25
      lasted two days
      Buying eWaste link here


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        Hi Opygmy, thank you for the reply. That was abit of a test run. It'd been in my garage for awhile. At the end of the day i have a fulltime job, so this is just to earn a bit of beer money 🍺

        Thanks for ther reply. I will have a better look at it all tomorrow. Good to know there waa alright stuff in there. There was a glass thing attaches to the yoke and then the back of the bulk of the glass. It had metal inside but not sure if it's ok to break it. Would you know?

        The carcass of the tv is back in the garage.


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          good lot of stuff there Scotty, with the gloves side of things I'm like Ben only wear them when I need to now I went through a hell of a lot of 10 - 20 dollar gloves it was getting expensive hands have toughened up now oh yeh have some bandaids on hand as you will take little chunks out of your hands

          Happy Scrapping


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            The neck of the tube is weak so be careful.
            The vacuum tube in a CRT can implode if it is broken or punctured. The surrounding air will rush violently into the unsealed vacuum in the CRT, spraying broken glass in every direction.
            Toxins may also be present such as mercury and cadmium .


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              Ok, well quite happy with what I got then.


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                Did I miss anything worth while? What do you guys do with the board when all the fun stuff is off? ​Also last question.

                The black material that the copper surrounds in the yoke. What is it? Some kind of carbon? It breaks so easily.


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                  there's a couple small transformers, ic chips are worth keeping and the first pic there's the black box at the bottom, it has copper in it
                  the black material is ferrite, goes as steel
                  Buying eWaste link here


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                    You could remove the fuse, transistors, little copper spools with shrink wrap, aluminium capacitors and brass wire plugs.


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                      Hi Nick and Ben, OK great. I see the ICs and the little transformers. I do​n't see the brass wire plugs though. What do you do with the aluminium capacitors, just put them in with the rest of ali?


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                        The blue squares are the copper spools. break the ferrite spindle and remove the copper.
                        The yellow hexagon is the fuse. Remove the fuse and the fuse holder all are brass. Make sure you break the glass.
                        The red ovals are the transistors. I personally put them in with my irony brass because my yard doesn't buy irony copper unless it is at least 95% copper, though they could go as irony copper or on the lesser end, transformers.
                        The green ovals are the brass plugs.

                        I sell the aluminium capacitors as irony aluminium #3.
                        My yard classifies
                        Irony Aluminium #1 as greater than 90% Cast Al --- I think they call it re-melt.
                        Irony Aluminium #2 as greater than 75% non cast Al, generally Sheet/Domestic and Extruded.
                        Irony Aluminium #3 as greater than 50% Al of any kind.

                        I think they could go as Irony Aluminium #2 because it is a sort of sheet Al but because the capacitors are reasonably unknown to them they buy them as Irony Aluminium #3

                        The capacitors in the purple oval are also aluminium and can go with the others.

                        Now if you really want to be picky, the large diodes, green rectangle, can be removed and the two legs can be cut off. They are both tin plated copper, generally Cu#2/Burnt Cu

                        Sorry for all the colours, I coudnt think of another way to describe them all.