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  • XLR Connectors

    Hi all,

    Just found out something interesting.
    Atleast with the neutrick brand of XLR connectors the shell which I thought was cast AL is a Zinc alloy called ZAMAK 5 95% zinc 4% AL and 1% copper.
    I was just going to flog it of as cast AL but seeing as it is mostly Zinc and is considered a pot metal (~380C melting poitn) could be good for making cast parts.



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    Attached Photo.

    Pins are AG plated brass


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      I had a similar item 2 weeks back but it was those pins at both ends.
      It screwed apart with some vice-grip persuasion. Zinc alloy ends and a brass tube in the middle. A few small wires and the pins.

      You can tell Zinc because it weighs about double what aluminium weighs for the same size. Cast Al has a specific gravity of 2.8; Cast Zinc is around 7.0

      My yard pays me domestic Al price. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

      I got them out of a skip of a company that does audio / comms wiring. I'm hoping to get more of them in the future but their dumpster is always so full it's hard to sort through and not have people think you are making a mess (which i don't).

      edit: What's "AG"?


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        Ag is silver


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          Cast zinc? Is that what's commonly called diecast? If not - what's the difference?


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            Die casting is a form of casting and the XLR connector above would be die cast.
            You could also cast the metal in a sand mold or any other type of molding process.



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              Ah yes, that makes sense!
              I've just always heard the cast metal (that's like Aluminium, but heavier and usually a darker grey colour) referred to as "diecast". Often housings of things like older sewing machines etc.

              I guess there's many different alloys used - but the scrap yards take it as cast zinc do they?


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                Not sure if they do or not.
                I'll have a go at casting some ingots and see if I can sell them as 95% Zinc ingots or as a casting ingot.
                I will need to collect a few first, This isn't a problem as we replace damaged and old ones fairly often at work.