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  • What's inside an Curved TV?

    Curved LED TV's may look fancy but they are no different to a regular LED TV, Scrap value wise they are quite poor and hardly worth the effort but I was curious to see if there was any difference in the make up.
    For such a large screen, 55inch, It's just not worth dragging these buggers around for the very light weight circuit boards inside.
    Buying eWaste link here

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    Cheers Ben, that saved me bringing one home to have a "gander" at the insides

    I see your microwave trans are catching up with us in the UK now then , i just did 3 all with all ally windings in fact my local yard wont take MW trans any more so it's either light iron or split them for ally/Li , fans are going the same way, i think it's a conspriacy (by the aliens or lizards or illuminati) or China is hording all the coppa by buying it and selling us ally wire back in thier cheap products

    It's wierd that we are a world appart yet i have a satellite pro collection as well from a 90s CS to a brand new display model (hard drive never fitted) 2015 pro which for some reason was an aus model, what that was doing in a skip in London is anyones guess lol , i have recently picked up an identical bouncy castle pump to yours as well and i also only stop for sony TVs mind you just turning 2 or 3 over to get at the screws and my back is knackerd nowdays ,
    I once tried to smash the screen on one of those huge silver sonys, i hit it with a sledge hammer and walked away, it stopped cracking and shooting off shards of glass after about half an hour ( i stayed well away) the fooking thing was 3 to 4 inches thick you could of used the screen as a portal in a deep see frikken sub ! no wonder i have 3 discs fubar in my lower back