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  • Crystal from old Hitachi color video camera system

    I recently started depopulating the PCB's i took out of the above mentioned system (VT-TU65E, Panasonic colour video camera WV-3000E, can't seem to find the VHS number).
    While removing one of the components the casing cracked and I was expecting copper coils, but I was surpised and felt happy.
    I finally got again something to discover and to report, OK I could read the sticker I know, but who read that while depopulating his boards or parts of it

    Now I would like to know from you, should I call this a crystal or something else?
    And don't come with a piece of glass.

    Have fun

    Edit : My previous attemt with a Word doc didn't work so i've moved the pictures to a google drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u5...mH-UNDEnOPoLf2 I hope that's gonne work now.

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    I think they're called Ultrasonic delay lines, you could just throw it into silver recovery or crystals, yep.
    Buying eWaste link here