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  • Monitor and LCD/LED TV Screens

    As I've said before, being new to this game a lot of my activity so far has been more to satisfy my own curiosity as to what makes electronics tick than for financial reward. With this in mind, along with Ben's warning regarding the presence of mercury in LCD/LED TV's and monitors I went ahead and pulled a few apart completely.

    The mercury is contained in cold-fluorescing tubes. In the monitors these are sited around the screen, while in the TV's they run horizontally across the entire height of the screen area in U-shaped tubes. The ones in the monitors are seriously fragile so great care is needed in removing them so they remain intact. While the ones in TV's are slightly more robust, they still wouldn't withstand much of a knock, so I took equal care in their removal as well. They now live in a cupboard that kids can't open, pets cant get into accidentally and which has no heat sources anywhere near it. End of mercury hazard. I'll find a safe disposal firm when I have enough units to make the shipping worthwhile.

    The screens conceal the other ends of the gold connectors that the finger-boards are hitched to. Nothing to write home about but still nice to have. As one of the UK supermarkets is famed for saying: "Every little helps."

    The make-up of the screens themselves is interesting. The glass front screens are incredibly thin and break very easily. My fingertips at one point looked like refugees from a slasher movie! Behind the glass are layers of what I think is mylar, squeezed and held together by a thin layer of a very light oil of some kind. Mostly they're completely transparent, but one of them in each monitor and two in the TV screen have been impregnated with what appears to be silver. Maybe aluminium - nitric acid will tell me once I've had a chance to brew some. It's a very, very light coating - just enough to show up when the mylar is tilted in a certain direction as you look at it.

    So, Scrappers, if you were wondering what's in the screens, this is what I found. The clear mylars from the TV have a use already here at Everlord Castle - I have a couple of busted panes in the greenhouse and they'll do nicely with a few strips of bodge tape, as temporary replacements until I can afford the proper glass.

    Would I take these apart again in the future? the precious metal return is likely to be minimal, so I think it will be a case of deciding if time permits. As I'm scrapping to help fund a charity, though, it will be difficult to justify not doing it.

    Smyte hem en peces

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