The future of Scrapping LCD TV's

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  • The future of Scrapping LCD TV's

    I scrapped an LG LCD recently and to my surprise it had bugger all in it

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    Yep I can't agree more. Plasma TVs are the new crt TVs, slowly disappearing and with them goes the value for scrappers. My area just finished the kerbside and I have been taking every plasma that I saw before they disappear.


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      Nice stack there i'm heading out on Sunday up around springvale rd so I hope to fill the van on the way back.
      I think there's still a few plasma's sitting in people's garages so they should be around next year too, we'll see, but yeah these new ultra thin type of tv's are one's to pass up in future.
      hard rubbish picking is going to take much longer to get a good fill of scrap, but there's always goodies out there.


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        At least once I strip out anything of value and put it back together with a couple of screws my scrap yard is currently happy to take LCDs as scrap steel (mixed in with other scrap steel) even though 95% of the weight is in plastic. So less overall value but I no longer have to figure out what to do with tubes.


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          I gave up LCDs awhile ago, along with copiers and home printer, they simply aren't worth the time. I notice a lot in the steel pits at the scrap yard, but I generally leave them where they lay.


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