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    Scrapped out my first ever massive rear projection tv today and had a wonderful surprise. The main video board had two large sexy gold corner BGA chips on it, another BGA chip with a Texas Instruments stamp on it and the crown jewel... a modern gold plated ceramic CPU?/ Graphics chip? Not quite sure but with ceramics being fairly rare these days it was a wow moment for me!

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    Another dual BGA board that came out of the assembly right at the end.


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      Upon more research the gold ceramic chip is the DLP (Digital Light Processing) chip.


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        Yeah DLP's come in modern projectors, them one's from tv's are worth keeping as a collectable since the tv's are almost all gone and I don't think there's many around.
        regular type projectors have a smaller DLP mounted on board, but there's some with a smaller version of that DLP you have.

        When I pulled my first DLP like that from a tv I thought they were going to be in every one, so that year I think I dragged in 7 projection tv's in one weekend but didn't get another dlp like it.
        The main boards can have nice slot cards with fingers on 'em too.
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          Yea I have seen a few of the rear projection TVs around but they were always scrapped out already. It was one of those cherry popping moments I guess, finding something unexpected and exciting like that. I haven't found any of the normal type projectors yet so it was something I hadn't seen before.