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    In a previous life I installed terrestrial analogue/digital tv antennas and often removed the old stuff as part of the job which eventually resulted in a large number to get rid of. Part of the breakdown is a pile of rods that is approx one cubic meter in size with weight unknown. My question is what type of aluminium would these be classed as and what price could they fetch? Thanks

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    That is a good question. You will have to ask your yard. At my yard, they buy them as domestic aluminium ($1.15) if they have been bent into that shape and have a visible seem. If there is no seem they will pay extruded aluminium ($1.65). Though that may vary between yards. Soma may just say it is all domestic aluminium.


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      thanks Nick, looks like I've got a mixture of both extruded and sheet aluminium. The older antennas were sheet before more modern manufacturing took over. I think the price is on the up atm so a good time to get rid of them and tidy up the backyard.

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    Domestic aluminium for sure. You could trim them into perfect lengths and you might get away with extruded, but for the hours worth of work for only a little extra money, it's not worth it.


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