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  • ID and Pricing LCD TV

    Ok, so just did an LCD TV... Correct me if I am wrong on parts... But, would like buyers input to help us scrappers out on what you would pay for the items in photo and what other parts need to be removed etc... I have only removed boards from TV to see where we go from there.

    A: LCD strip = Grade = Price Per KG
    B: Power Supply = Grade = Price Per KG
    C: Main Board = Grade = Price Per KG
    D: IR Board = Is it worth anything.
    E: Button Board = Grade = Price Per KG (or just pull out silver)?

    Also is the LCD screen itself worth anything or just straight to landfill???

    Be good to see what pricing would be worth as I can get heaps, but have to buy them from the place I get the computers from so need to know what scrap valve is so i can work it out per LCD

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    Some places buy them complete if the screens are good, they pay around $1.50kg
    problem is having to handle them, storing so they don't scratch and kept dry, and the time to take them in to sell.

    Scrap wise monitors are worth under $1 each, I value them at $1 anyway because they usually come with power cords.
    The boards are mid-grade plus you got the powerboard, so yeah if you weigh them up you'll see under $1, that's including selling the screen as scrap steel.

    Monitors are not something you buy, not even for 10c each, just picking them up is cost enough, no different to say laser printers, we take them because we have to, not because we can make money from them.
    Buying eWaste link here


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      I personally don't touch TV's, to much trouble for the return, especially the plasma ones, way too heavy, too much glass and plastic.

      LCD monitors as Ben said are worth about a $1 each, complete, if the screen is not damaged if you can find a buyer and they usually want them by the pallet load

      On the LCD front, I know someone who buys complete undamaged laptop LCD's at the moment no minimum quantity.

      As for printers, again as Ben said, don't pay for them as the return is so small, like if you pick ap a screwdriver to pull them apart you have just lost money, I just mix them into the scrap steel to get rid of them and get a better return that way.


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        If it's a big name like Samsung / LG, over 42" and is physically intact I sell them on eBay. LCD only. Even better if you can say stuff like powers up but no picture, or lines on the screen or no sound etc. I go 4 and they all sold for $45 to $55. Amateur repairers were buying them.

        I also sell to a developer who puts them into show homes. He pays $10 each. But they have to be clean and even better if they look fancy.