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  • Taking a look at LED TV's for scrap value

    Not a lot going for LED TV's as far as scrap value, weighing less than an LCD overall so little scrap steel value but maybe good for other things like plastic sheeting.

    With little to no Mercury in LED's it seems a lot safer to scrap out without those delicate fluoro tubes running through the screen.
    so it's quite easy to completely scrap 'em out leaving us with materials that can be re-used or sold in sold way.

    This was my first real look at an LED TV..
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    Second LED I did which is also a Samsung of similar looks had quite a bit of Aluminium but overall still a little less value then an LCD of the same quality.
    But here you can see all the different sheets of plastic and I'm sure with a little research we can identify the sheets and maybe sell them in qty.

    Anyway this LED scrap goes right into the guts and we can see exactly what's in these..
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      Good videos Ben, as always.

      I have gotten a few 40" inch LCD TVs recently and they go straight on to ebay. Even if they are faulty/cracked screens etc I normally get around $15 cash for them and the buyer collects. I make it very clear that it's faulty, not working etc. There are alot of hobbyista out there and TV repairers who buy them and then sell the boards on after testing. Maybe something to try?



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        yeah that's something to think about, only issue for me is having to hang around waiting for people to come pick it up,
        but it's a good idea to catch one of them guys that want a lot and they come around once a month and take them all, even $5 each would be ok.
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Yeah I get that. Give it a go. I always say that the time must be convenient for both parties and never had any troubles. I hate posting stuff. Nearly everything I sell on ebay is collection only.


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            Gentlemen, the prices being offered for complete LCD tv's from a number of recyclers has dropped in the last month from $5 to $3 dollars wholesale and the screen must be intact.

            Just my2c worth