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  • Some Projectors are not much chop

    These projectors cost like $1500 each or more brand new, I got a load of 'em and there's was one half open so I scrapped it out.

    bugger all inside really unless your into fancy mirrors and lenses, some aluminium a mid grade board, about $3 in scrap value all up and a pile of plastic.

    main thing about these is the projection lamp which were all missing and cost $160 to replace so for such an expensive item, scrap value is about the lowest i've seen.

    anyway I have a selection of models still here but tonight I finally sold this lot, it's 4 of two different models, almost the same though.
    another issue I found with these are they are password protected, without a password they are useless as I had a potential buyer that wanted the circuit boards but no password no go.

    I initially thought i'd get at least $40 each for 'em, maybe I would of but didn't want to sell one at a time so this lot of 8 went for $180, less fees I got $20 each but still better then wasting a day scrapping them for $3 each an a van full of plastic

    When the buyer comes to pick 'em up I will try and sell him the other lot, a few models are in that lot so he might be keen to get 'em for that reason, i'm just keeping one unit for when I do a video on projectors in general but i'm happy I have got something for 'em anyway.

    When selling on ebay etc, a good idea is to round up items you may have that relate to what you sold, so if it's hifi equipment you might want to dig out good speakers etc, in this case i'm dragging out the other projectors, if you sell game consoles bring out what you got when the buyer comes, you'll be surprised with what they walk out with, sometimes spending twice as much as the item they're picking up.

    ebay and scrapping go hand in hand, infact when I kick start my biz again i'm opening an ebay store and doing things a lot differently then I did, scrapping will be the absolute last resort with everything, it's very hard to make a living just scrapping it all, selling on ebay can be the main cash flow and scrapping just the things that don't sell, just this last week has been very good for me on ebay
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    Thats not good, I just got given 6 projectors, but I think the lamps are still in there so I was going to ebay them and scrap the rest. The ones I have are fairly low resolution but was hoping for some good stuff inside


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      i'm sure they vary so maybe you might get a better board, the new style DLP projectors should be good, some of them retail for $6000 so surely there's some good bits.
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