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  • The Plastic Issue from e-Waste (Must Read)

    As you may have seen, I am just like must of us here and be a backyard recycler.
    If you have been following me with LV e-Waste Recycling (https://www.facebook.com/lvewaste/) on Facebook you would see I have brought myself a shredder to process plastic from e-waste which mainly made of ABS plastics.

    I am working on some projects to recycle this type of plastic.

    And for a limited time only, I will accept CLEAN No7 recyclable plastic from laptops, and TV's. This is all FREE OF CHARGE. Sender only has to pay for postage.
    Plastic MUST NOT contain any steal screws or brass nuts embedded in the plastic.

    Send me a message for more information if you would like to send some my way...

    As I said, this is for a limited time only.