WTB crane rail or thick tram train rail

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  • WTB crane rail or thick tram train rail

    Hey guys, just wondering if anybody knows or has seen or has any crane rail laying about that they might want to get rid of or might know of a place that deals with crane rail off cuts? Prefer the crane rail but will take extra heavy train or tram track as well depending on weight per metre. Wanting to upgrade from my existing rail track anvil, but proper anvil out of my budget

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    Your best bet might be to try scrap yards


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      Hey Goat, thanx for the heads up but id come to much the same conclusion. Id even gone so far to jump on alibaba and check out their trade side of things for export of 4140 blocks and railway parts but when you order from china, you pretty much gotta buy by the tonne or multiple tonnes. Doesnt make it easy, so scrap yards it is.


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        Check out any rail works, they sometimes have small, <2m, off-cuts you could get for free. Just ask really nicely.

        This is how I got some 80 kg line for my anvil. Nicely work hardened and it killed bandsaw blades cutting it.


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          South Gippsland Railway closed its doors a couple of years ago... Track still there and is 94-pound rail.