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  • Mio p550 PDA's

    What on earth do I do with a load of these PDA's?
    Basically they are like a GPS Navigation thing and a little computer which can be carried in pocket or has car mounts and cables.

    Looks like they are outdated now, i'd imagine most good mobile phones do similar.
    Got 'em brand new in box but looks like they won't sell too well, any other uses for these or should I just scrap 'em out?

    Buying eWaste link here

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    What's on eBay? Or scumtree if you're wanting to swap for a fish tank or a bong.


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      I just got a few of these with a load of phones haven't ripped them apart yet but couldn't see a decent dollar in them on eBay


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        I think they could be thrown in with mobile phones if the scrapper sells scrap phones complete, otherwise yeah, not much value in 'em to sell.

        I scrapped one out the other day..
        Buying eWaste link here


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          Just put then in with your phones, I got rid of a heap of them this way..


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            Yeah looks like the best value for time just pulled one apart myself


            • Bohdan
              Bohdan commented
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              Now you know why nobody bothers pulling these sort of things apart.
              Had a chap drop by with about 1kg of phone pcb's which must have taken him days/weeks to extract as there were a heap of them, real clean, not a happy chappy, when I told him the value!!!