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  • A grander spanner?

    I'm looking to buy some hand tools (spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers etc.) and figured there'd be some folk around here with advice on brands etc. I'm no pro, just after some good quality weekend warrior stuff. First on my list is some adjustable wrenches to replace my crappy no-names, and a ratchet to replace my dud Kincrome. I was thinking of Repco or Supercheap's better offering (ToolPro) since the prices and warranty seem pretty good. Any experiences? Thanks guys (and gals... have we ever had a female member?)

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    There's a couple girls that I know of, one of my sisters signed up and my girlfriend, but they are just lurkers.
    I do know that 10% of my youtube viewers are girls, but that might just be for my sexy voice and good looking hands.

    yeah well good quality is what tools are all about, being a weekend warrior means they could last a lifetime.
    I like the side cutters that are 2x the power, it's something about the way they cut that makes them twice as powerful, really makes work easier not having to strain as much.

    You get what you pay for so the price will tell you the quality
    You'll have to show us what you get, tools are fun
    Buying eWaste link here


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      Big Dog make some cool tools.


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        I figured I'd come back from the dead to let you know I got the Repco. I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't on sale, since at its full price it's actually more expensive than getting a Sidchrome from Bunnings. Anyway, it's a Taiwanese tool, probably made by Rotar, and looks to be the same as Total Tools' TTI offering. It certainly feels like a higher quality tool than the cheapy next to it - there's very little play in the jaws so it's much less likely to slip off nuts and/or round them off.

        The one negative is that the jaws seem very soft and mar easily, you can see in the photo that the edges are slightly ragged. The mild steel cheapo wrench, meanwhile, is fine. So far it's only a minor cosmetic issue, but this wrench has only seen occasional use, and mainly on light-duty things like bicycles. I really don't know how it would go in a proper workshop environment. I don't know if this is an issue with all these wrenches, or if there's just something wrong mine in particular, but if I was doing it again I would probably go the Sidchrome.


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          Hey TV how ya going. Yeah mate tools are a real problem. You can buy cheap ones that will last a month or so, or go but something like Sidchrome. Thing is that most often, for the price of a Sidchrome you can buy half a dozen or more of the cheap ones, and by then they might outlast the Sidchromes.

          Dunno what it was, but the Missus bought something for the house the other day, and she said, well if it only lasts a couple of weeks, we can go get another one. And I get to scrap that one

          So I don't know what the answer is. I used to only buy the best when I was muckin' about with cars etc. But now? Just buy the cheapest that look like they will last a couple of months. Guess you gotta look at what you are doing with the tools. I strip a lot of old cars. That can put a lot of pressure on hand tools and power tools. Guess I just back the odds and reckon, why destroy quality tools when I can wreck cheapies.

          OKEDEN SCRAP & PM's


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            Yeah, I seem to have gotten the worst of both worlds with this particular spanner. It's priced like a quality tool (dearer than Sidchrome at full price), but I can't see it going the distance. I had a tricky bit of work yesterday where I had to put the wrench on a narrow nut and hit the handle with a hammer to turn it, and after chewing up the edges of the repco a bit more, I got out the cheapy which did came out unscathed.

            I'm a pretty light user. I haven't been able to scrap very much for the last six months, and when I did it was mainly e-waste and the like. I usually try to find a sweet spot between disposable cheapies and the high-end stuff that would be overkill for the stuff I do. I figure with my usage patterns a good quality, mid-range tool should last a few decades if I take care of it.